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How to Get Cheaper Spotify Premium Subscription Via Free VPN Service for Android

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How to Get Cheaper Spotify Premium Subscription Via Free VPN Service for Android

July 02
20:30 2021
Enjoy premium quality for less.

Spotify Premium has changed the way people listen to music. As a subscriber, one can expect unlimited and uninterrupted music streaming in the highest quality possible. Another thing that sets it apart is the carefully curated playlists according to one’s music preference and listening history that adds a personal touch to the experience. But while it has been advantageous for the most part, it may be costly in the long run.

In this situation, the use of a reliable circumvention tool such as Virtual Private Networks or a VPN is going to be helpful.

How to save money on Spotify subscriptions with the use of a free VPN

Spotify has different price structures for different countries causing the variation of bundle rates for users around the globe. European subscribers are to pay up to sixteen dollars monthly while those in Asian countries can subscribe to premium service for as low as two dollars. To save money, those living in a country with a higher price rate will need to change their location. In order to do so, connecting to a good VPN app is the best solution.

With a VPN, a user can spoof his or her location simply by connecting to a foreign virtual server. This is possible through rerouting of one’s internet traffic to a secret pathway where the encryption takes place. Once the connection is secured, the user’s online identity or IP address and their entire activity will be concealed. Therefore, allowing the user to carry a new location. When this happens, the remote server will not be able to detect one’s real identity and location, which then guarantees the new and lower price rate.

Download a free VPN in three easy steps

To ensure a cheaper Spotify Premium subscription, conduct a simple canvassing of prices before jumping into a decision. Once done with the research, proceed with the next steps.

Step 1: Download a reliable VPN like GoingVPN. It offers a wide range of server locations from the UK to India that cater to everyone. More options mean a higher chance of getting the lowest Spotify rate. Connect to one virtual server and then carry on.

Step 2: Clear the browsing data, along with cache and cookies. Once done, close all tabs and then relaunch the Spotify website or app.

Step 3: Access the Spotify homepage and click on the subscription menu. The site should now recognize the change in location. Subscribe and enjoy streaming!

Get the GoingVPN app free from the Google Play Store. Learn more here.

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