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D White’s “Among the Oranges”, a Poetical Expression of Pain, Anguish and Bare Truths

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D White’s “Among the Oranges”, a Poetical Expression of Pain, Anguish and Bare Truths

July 14
15:43 2021

In nature’s dictionary, it’s hard to find Cyclops, observes author D White in his recently published work, “Among the Oranges: I’ll Meet You North of August Among the Oranges Under the Cyclops Moon in a Garden of Zero Roses”. Readers will find here life’s bare truths, mysteries and loose associations that make up for the emotional landscape of many.

“Among the Oranges” may come across as a bewildering work, but has some consistent tales to tell that are closer to home. It’s about how one deals with separation from his wife. That means not just separation, but giving up a house in Malibu whose rent is too high. There is also the bitter man who makes his girlfriend pregnant and now has to marry her. Working for his fiancé’s father isn’t easy either. The back cover blurb leaves a deeper mystery behind with the teaser: In A Garden of Zero Roses… Her body is in the garden. But who was she?

An excerpt from the story: Some said, “Those men. They are rich as mud.” I turned to look, but I couldn’t see who had said it. What about unburied lads? The day was sad, groundless, long. Hair down to there. A trail to death. (in bushes on way to the sea). You might find a dead rodent underneath bushes on a trail, a dead bird. Your wife’s pubic hair (who was watching it now?)… it was a winding path towards death. A million sperm. Each died there. Calendars. Phases of the moon. Fever sickness. Passion perishing. Under a fog rolling in.

Apart from writing, D White also teaches film classes and paints. He has an upcoming undated Bookfair we can all look forward to.

Among the Oranges is available for purchase in both Paperback and eBook versions on Amazon.

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