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Benefiting Gathering and Life, WIMI Hologram Creates 5G+AR Holographic Live-Action Mobile Live to Gain a Win-Win Future

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Benefiting Gathering and Life, WIMI Hologram Creates 5G+AR Holographic Live-Action Mobile Live to Gain a Win-Win Future

August 25
13:43 2021

In 2018, E-commerce live was flourishing. In 2019, major enterprises began to pay attention to it. In 2020, COVID-19 epidemic boosted the development of the “stay-at-home economy”. In 2021, livestreaming selling constantly thrives. In contrast, the stagnation of physical stores, rent, labor costs and inventory expenses, like a mountain, pressed on traditional enterprises to accelerate the digital transformation. The transformation coincides with the arrival of the 5G commercial era, bringing huge opportunities for new content forms in industries such as gaming and livestreaming.


As we all know, the form of mobile live streaming and Internet speed have great relation with mobile phone performance. In the 2G era, the main mobile live is by text, which only presented the content to the audience in the form of text and is very data-saving. Besides, text mobile live is not picky about 2G Internet speed and has low requirements for mobile performance, so 2G is up to the task. 5G is a basic technological progress on human communication method. From the development of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, people deeply benefits from the Internet, mobile Internet industry, greatly improving the efficiency and productivity of life and production.

Integrating AR+ E-commerce cross-border platform to meet the 5G future

5G brings a leap in Internet speed that has never been available before. According to White Paper on 5G’s Economic and Social Impact published by the Academy of Information and Communications Technology, 5G will provide bandwidth of more than 10Gbps with a new network architecture, and the user experience rate can be stabilized at 1-2Gbps. 5G is not really about making everything with higher code rate and definition, but the underlying changes it brings, such as real-time interactivity by ultra-low latency, and the livestreaming process with full interaction generated from a passive reception of information, which can allow live content to generate new value. 5G widely lays out in the new network architecture and the combination of software and hardware, brings greater value to livestreaming and takes the lead in potential aspects of livestreaming. Let’s explore the specific use of 5G and AR in the livestreaming industry.

AR augmented display technology is a technology that calculates the position and angle of camera images in real time and adds the corresponding image video 3D model to put virtual information on display in reality. It allows people to interact with the virtual information to realize the synchronization of virtual space and real space. With the accumulation of time and the maturity of AR technology, AR has been applied in many fields such as education, entertainment and business. E-commerce products are varied, and AR augmented display technology can virtually display different usage scenarios of product to accurately show the quality of the products and target the users. Moreover, AR augmented display technology demonstrates product functions to facilitate users to clearly understand the products and use them.

Holographic AR E-commerce scenarios, which are positioned in the applications of holographic AR E-commerce scenarios, can solve two existing bottlenecks in E-commerce industry: commodity display and products which cannot be displayed by livestreaming. At present, the majority of E-commerce livestreaming still display the products in flat form, and consumers cannot directly and deeply place the products they need to buy into the scenarios to experience the effect, so the main domestic E-commerce platforms have implemented 360 scenario-based display and 3D product shopping, and they have been rapidly accepted by the public. When the scenario-based application of holographic AR directly places the products purchased by consumers in the scenario of future use, so that buyers can directly see the effect, there is an opportunity to subvert the current traditional E-commerce transaction model.

In the trend of rapid development of information and communication, 5G technology has solved the big trouble for holographic projection. The biggest difficulty to overcome to achieve holographic E-commerce livestreaming is the network latency. Game players know that the lower the network latency, the smoother the operation, the higher the requirements for holographic projection. The network latency should be less than 5 milliseconds, so that the game pictures will be smooth. With high Internet speed and low latency, 5G network can meet this requirement. 5G achieves the efficient connection of the communication between people with high reliability, low latency and even load. The latency of less than 1 millisecond of 5G network, efficiently connecting devices, even connect larger packets of data with each other, providing the foundation support for the implementation of scenario-based E-commerce. AR livestreaming technology has become the leading-level use in the 5G era.

Focusing on exploring the possibilities of the Internet livestreaming platform to help social progress beyond the pan-entertainment market, the leading domestic holographic enterprise, WiMi Hologram Cloud has successfully emerged in the livestreaming field by combining “AR+5G” interactivity, universal access, and the collection of various media forms, such as text, pictures, voice video, virtual reality. Based on the impact of the new holographic technology represented by 5G on livestreaming, professional and perfect AR+ live system services bring revolutionary upgrades to the research and implementation of new business scenarios for livestreaming and to the livestreaming content form, helping the entities to regain confidence in transformation.

WiMi Hoplogram Cloud “AR+ live system” surprisingly becomes the manipulator

WiMi Hologram Cloud focuses on computer vision holographic cloud services, and the commercial application scenarios of WiMi Hologram Cloud products are mainly laid out in five professional fields, including home entertainment, light field theater, performing system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system. According to public records, WiMi Hologram Cloud was established in 2015 (NASDAQ ticker: WiMi). WiMi Hologram Cloud focuses on holographic cloud services, which are mainly in the professional fields, such as, onboard AR holographic HUD, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR, head-mounted light field holographic device, holographic semiconductor, holographic cloud software and holographic car navigation. In conclusion, WiMi Hologram Cloud is a holographic cloud comprehensive technical solution provider, covering multiple links of holographic AR technology, and it includes holographic onboard AR technology, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR technology, holographic visual semiconductor technology, holographic software development, holographic AR advertising technology, holographic AR entertainment technology, holographic ARSDK payment, interactive holographic communication, etc.

AR holographic live is a new way and development direction of the display. Through holographic projection technology, visitors can not only see clear images, but also three-dimensional and realistic images from all directions and multiple angles, which fully presents the content and details of the live process based on the original display method and more stimulates the public’s acceptance of new things. Relying on its mature visual design team, WiMi Hologram Cloud deeply explores AR live technology and officially launches AR live business. WiMi Hologram Cloud AR+ live system adds AR technology in the livestreaming as a new interactive medium, and superimposes virtual and reality in the same space through image processing. It makes the content of live shopping more novel and comprehensive, and the three-dimensional images enhance the audience’s visual, auditory and other sensory interaction when online shopping. This applies advanced high-tech means to display live products, solving the scenario-based and interactive problems.

The advantages of WiMi Hoplogram Cloud AR+ live system are remarkable. It can be said that the emergence of undoubtedly brings new blood to the livestreaming market. Through AR holographic technology, WiMi Hoplogram Cloud AR+ live system allows audiences to watch the realistic restoration of holographic characters or selling scenarios with naked eyes. The four advantages of WiMi Hoplogram Cloud AR+ live system are as following: Real simulation of any scenario can reflect the use of products in different real environments; Displaying more complex products so that the audience can understand the product’s internal structure and details more intuitively; Targeting specific groups of people for live precision placement to obtain greater publicity; Stronger online interactivity can make network anchors and fans interact during the livestreaming to real-time screen and answer questions. Compared with WiMi Hoplogram Cloud AR+ live system, the single, boring selling way has difficulties to achieve the effect of publicity. The public’s aesthetic requirements are improving, and the impact of digital information technology is expanding. With the characteristics of strong interactivity, WiMi Hoplogram Cloud AR+ live system fully solves the user’s problems, and is gradually be applied to all walks of life. WiMi Hoplogram Cloud AR+ live system is becoming an indispensable use-pattern in people’s lives.

It is worth mentioning that mainly focuses on software customization in the stage of development and basic profitability, sales to B-end foreign trade manufacturers or domestic medium and large manufacturers. WiMi Hoplogram Cloud puts effort into the B end, to create B2B2B and B2B2C model. The model has been adopted by its operating team as well as most companies in the industry at present, and has been proven to implement. In addition, WiMi Hologram Cloud’s leading holographic AR content production function is built around image acquisition, object recognition, automatic image processing and computer vision technology. WiMi Hologram Cloud’s design team works closely together to continuously advance the development of visualization-related technology to design and produce innovative holographic AR content. Scene recognition and tracking is performed in seconds through precise real-time computer cloud algorithms. This high-end algorithm also allows for the execution of photo real high-resolution rendered visualizations on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The scene reconstruction process enables the creation of best-in-class holographic AR visual designs with industry-leading simulations.

Through the accumulation and upgrading of data, the data like the user’s body type, consumption and behavior data can be obtained to understand the user’s preferences better and provide “tailor-made” commodity services. This will be the future scenario-based E-commerce live application trends. WiMi Hologram Cloud hopes to build a live scenario-based E-commerce platform in the future, and to upgrade personal online transactions, as well as all kinds of flat transaction E-commerce platforms now. Of course, considering the high live customer cost for enterprises in the public domain traffic now, WiMi Hologram Cloud provides more accurate private domain live solution with higher user viscosity and lower cost. WiMi Hologram Cloud customizes fast incremental customer acquisition live broadcast solutions for enterprises, focuses on new customer acquisition, retention, long-term accumulation, to provide professional private domain live support for enterprises. WiMi Hologram Cloud highlights the actual and long-term needs of enterprises to screen the accurate target crowd for rapid fission, so as to accumulate and increase quality crowd. Finally, the quality crowd are effectively converted and inflowed into the live room.

Exploring 5G, AR and other forward-looking technology empowerment can provide value increment for live E-commerce, so as to constantly seize the specific use of new platforms of content. 5G, AR technology benefit gathering and life, accompanying enterprises to take off to win the future. All can be expected in the future.

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