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The contemporary contributor to Global Warming: E-Waste

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The contemporary contributor to Global Warming: E-Waste

November 20
04:29 2021

53,600,000 tons of electronics were discarded in the year 2019 and in which India generated about 3,200,000 tones.

Living in an era surrounded by electronics that are demanded to be used every minute of the day can clearly state how much the global population does rely on electronics to perform various activities. The electronics used also have an expiration date which is not definite but yet factual as to agree that someday giving up on a specific device and switching to another one is the only option. Switching to different devices and leaving behind the used devices is what leads to the term called e-waste.

E-waste better known as electronic waste comes into the category of waste material from various electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, electronic accessories and many other electronic gadgets. These electronic gadgets are needed to complete certain tasks but it is indeed very essential to pay attention and learn how to manage it.

Researches state that an approx. amount of 53,600,000 tons of electronics were discarded in the year 2019 and in which India generated about 3,200,000 tons of e-waste alone.  It is also predicted by the researchers that the e-waste is about to increase up to 30% of the mentioned numbers by the year 2030. 

Impact on the environment and human health

  • Effects on the Environment 

Improper disposal of e-waste leads to problems relating to air, water as well as the soil pollution which can have hazardous effects in the long run.  All these toxins eventually end up to multiple places in the environment leading to contamination as well as worse effects on human health. It leads to Acidification and toxification of water, which is unsafe for animals, marine life, plants and communities.

  • Effects on Human health

The creation of electronic gadgets might seem to be simple but it contains a lot of hazardous materials such as mercury, lead, cadmium, polybrominated flame retardants, barium and lithium. Improper disposal of these materials can lead to diseases relating to human brain, heart, liver, kidney and also affect the nervous and reproductive systems which will eventually be leading to different types of health issues and birth defects.

Ways to manage E waste for a better future 

  • Design Environmentally friendly products

Manufacturing products with minimum or no use of harmful materials can be a plan that can work for it but also might take a long time to be effective as it will require huge amount of technology and proper planning to execute it.

  • Reuse and Recycle

 Reuse and recycle are two universal processes which will crucially help to properly manage and make use of the potential e-waste. Today, an individual can sell used phone or sell old mobile phones online with basic amount of information. Ample of options for recycle and reuse may show up by browsing through infinite number of websites online a simply searching for terms like “sell my mobile for best price”.


The above points definitely suggest that if e-waste is not managed and disposed in a certain way it can result in hazardous health effects and also risks the environment at a greater level. It is highly significant to learn and spread the awareness about the problems relating to e-waste and its aftermath if not managed according to the plan. In order to avoid these effects, it is very certain that encouraging the use of recycled, refurbished, resold, or reused devices is essential. 

As mentioned, proper management of e-waste is definitely possible by reusing and recycling the existing electronic devices and which can be simply done with Quick mobile which is an online service that promotes the initiative of reusing and recycling of smartphones. Sell old phone with the website and also earn definite money against it. 

Quick Mobile believes in guiding its customers through its line of experts who are professionally trained about the problem regarding of e-waste and have the ability and knowledge to guide on how it can be managed by buying and selling of used smartphones.

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