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4PX Express Leveraged Multiple Manners to Win Double eleven, A New High is Reached – Over 10 Million Orders in a Single Day

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4PX Express Leveraged Multiple Manners to Win Double eleven, A New High is Reached – Over 10 Million Orders in a Single Day

November 22
17:20 2021

As for the figure of Shenxi warehouse during November 12-18, a relevant estimation–an increase by 200%-300% of the daily volume of storage and sorting, and a daily peak volume over one million orders in storage, literally stands for a massive challenge for the enterprise operation.

During Double Eleven Shopping Festival of this year, it is estimated that over 40 million orders of storage will be reached, with a single peak value up to 10 million on a daily basis. “The entirety of current work flow has been become a daily routine. 4PX has possessed the in-depth operating capacity for the FIRST KILOMETER nationwide.” Mrs. Cao Guang, CEO of 4PX told the reporter.

Enabled by Hi-tech, guarantee for APEX transmission up to 10 million + packages.

4PX has been dedicated to a high-tech momentum enabled by IT technology and BIG DATA. By utilization of self-developed R&D capacity, 4PX has transformed the core procedure system into CLOUD-oriented structure. Currently, 4PX has cultivated a R&D pool with more than 300 talents to further match with the practice, which led to the achievement of a series of operating systems. By virtue of could technology, the real-time sync among 4PX headquarter and regional hubs around the globe is coming more efficient, and providing better reliability, quicker response and more secured cloud support.

It is learned that Shendong warehouse has been engaging in pressure test for months since August, so as to ensure the sufficiency of transportation capacity and normal operation of facilities amid the busy season. Since this year, cloud technology has been introduced into Shendong warehouse in order to secure a reliable and high-efficient operation for overall management & control system of 4PX amid the busy season of Double Eleven.

Cao Guang added, “we are now able to assume a peak transmission up to 10 million+ packages within our processing capacity, and achieve Millie-second level response to massive volume of orders up to 10 million+. The logistic requirements of customers will not be delayed a bit. Order fulfillment is therefore highly ensured.”

In Shendong warehouse, the reporter witnessed that, by virtue of self-developed sorting system, the functions have bee realized, such as fast bar code identification, sorting by instructions, one-stop complete coverage of weighting & sorting. Auto-identification and accurate sorting for each order could be thereby ensured. Weighting and sorting have been evolved to 100% artificial control mode from traditional manual mode.

Furthermore, Hongguang, the RED LIGHT, a cutting-edge hardware was being showcased in Double Eleven. Under a circumstance that sorting efficiency stays the same, by utilizing of light curtain sorting technic and other technologies, 4PX is now able to screening the packages inside the container of sorting facility, which leads to a new low of 0.03% for error rate inside the warehouse. 4PX is now the pioneer as for this indicator compared to competitors. Currently, Hongguang also narrows down the length of package ID correction procedure from hour-level to minute-level, with the achievement of dynamic sensor of accurate control in the sorting entrance for the trace of rolling package inside the sorting facility.

Multiple screen sync and real-time direct visualization for war room of the headquarter are also installed. With sync analysis of multi-dimensional core technological indicators, systemic risks hidden behind data will be detected within five minutes, and will be proceeded in time, which may realize a sense-free procedure.

4PX continuously integrates big data, AI algorithm, automation, cloud computing and other logistic-related technologies to fit business ecosystem of 4PX. The fundamental digital ground is being continuously upgraded, in order to facilitate supply chain operation efficiency for corporate clients. 

Invest more in NEW INFRASTRUCTURE, support the global supply chain of Made in China.

As we know, infrastructures are very essential for the high-efficient operation of logistics. For the sake of the storage efficiency during the shopping festival, 4PX better optimized resources in a manner of BIG DATA, to allocate human resource, raw materials and transportation in advance, in order to ensure a high-efficient and orderly operation for each work flow.

Since late October, Shanghai transport hub and Dongguan transport hub are being activated in succession. So far, 4PX has increased the scale of super hubs and storage warehouses up to 40+ in eastern, norther and southern China. An enlarged coverage is being mapped around the country. 43 subsidiaries and service stations have been established, which formulate operating space up to half a million square meters in the country. Furthermore, the company has newly increased some 200 thousand square meters of warehouse space on foreign soils. For now, 4PX boasts over 40 outbound warehouses around the world, with a total space up to 700 thousand square meters. The capacity of global service and commitment is dramatically improved.

In addition, 4PX is now enhancing its airline capacity. In 2021, level-one port of 4PX has officially stationed in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. On the basis of current airways which are converted from passenger airlines into cargo airlines, such as Chengdu-London, Chengdu-Madrid, they will activate the operation of full cargo airlines such as Chengdu-Liege, Chengdu-Chicago and etc., which shall not only save logistic time and routines for multiple consignments, but also reduce damage, difference or loss of cargo. The logistic experience of customers will be naturally improved.

Nowadays, more and more high quality Chinese brands are shipped to the world by cross-border e-commerce. During January to October, overall freight volume of 4PX has been massively upgraded. Reportedly, a volume over 10 million orders for a single day had been realized on November 13 or 14 during Double Eleven, 30%-40% increase YoY compared to 2020.

Cao Guang said that “despite the dramatic growth in terms of cargo volume, our in-warehouse operators engaged in their designated work flows calmly. The keyword for this year is obviously SECURE.” Cao Guang attributes this credit to the eight full-chain construction in the past 17 years. 4PX’s proceeding service level has been upgraded in terms of receipt capacity, international trunk lines and terminal distribution.

Warehouse, a crucial phase, is now being upgraded in terms of automation, digital capacity, intelligent construction, big data, AI algorithm and cloud computing on a continuous basis. High-tech facilities keep flowing into the warehouses to improve capacity and save time. 4PX, is now structuring new paradigm of development by enlarging investments in NEW INFRASTRUCTURE, contributing to the inbound and outbound cycling to help with the global existence of Made in China.

Moreover, as for anti-epidemic and business operation, 4PX is now having them both smoothly. By enabling logistic efficiency with high technologies, and providing fast and considerate services rendered to e-commerce enterprises and customers, they have won the fierce battle named Double Eleven.



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