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Ecuadorian Artist Allison Nicole Guaraca (Ashisonlex) Launches Her Very First NFT on

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Ecuadorian Artist Allison Nicole Guaraca (Ashisonlex) Launches Her Very First NFT on

November 23
03:26 2021

Ashisonlex is an Ecuadorian artist who has been painting since she was 4 years old. Recently she shook the world by storm by launching her own Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Ever since she minted her first NFT, she has been getting phone calls and inquiries from buyers very frequently.

Ashisonlex with Alaric Ong, a speaker and entrepreneur from Singapore.

Seeing the potential in Ashisonlex and her artwork, Alaric Ong came to Ecuador to meet and support her.

Here is what he commented about one of her art pieces called “Pink and Blue”.

“I think her art is just beautiful. When she explained to me about why she painted each and every stroke, I felt that it was so beautiful. I almost cried when I saw her art. For this particular art piece, she told me that it signifies her feminine explosion. From this art, you can see her passion, the consciousness of her when she was drawing this. When you are present and you absorb the art and absorb each and every portion of the art, every part of the art has a different meaning. When she explained to me every part of the art, it was so interesting.

We are not going to tell you all the answers because we want you to derive the answers yourself and that would make it so much more interesting for you. Allison is a great artist and if you all ever have the chance to own any piece of her art, it is so beautiful. You get to experience the emotions that she felt, you get to experience her consciousness when she drew this. It is her way of sharing her life’s work with you. It’s so beautiful!”

Alaric Ong has done 5 different businesses before, of which 3 of them were started with zero capital which went on to generate 6 figures within a few short months. He is also the founder of the largest Facebook marketing community in Singapore with over 1700 clients. He scaled his Facebook marketing coaching business without any capital to $1.2 million in revenue within 18 months.

He has also been featured in Fox, MarketWatch and Digital Journal for interviewing 6,7,8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs like Loren Ridinger (co-founder of the billion dollar company SHOP.COM), Marcos Moura (Owner of Amada Franchise, a $120 million/year business), Grant Cardone (real estate tycoon), JT Foxx (world’s number 1 wealth coach), Hofit Golan (2.7 million verified followers on Instagram) and Heartlyn Rae (5.7 million verified followers on TikTok).

You can find out more about him here:

Ashisonlex has been also endorsed by Fernando Ceron, the president of CASA DE LA CULTURA (Ecuadorian Cultural Centre).

They support her art because they want to promote the art and culture from Ecuador to more people.

Ashisonlex and Matiassinsesos playing B2B set music

In her free time, Ashisonlex also DJ’s because music is her way of expressing herself. She loves to play, cut and mix/blend recorded music. She played B2B set music together with Matiassinsesos, a talented DJ who has played in some of the best clubs in the world like Lost Beach Club in Montañita.

She launched her first NFT, “Time to shine”.

Her first NFT, “Time to shine” AKA “Brillando” in Spanish.

Recently Ashisonlex launched her first NFT on called “Time to shine”.

When asked to describe what her art is about, she replied, “It’s time to start shining, like this piece of art, “Brillando”. It’s the brushstroke that makes my soul cry with happiness. It’s the piece of art that I admire, and I would stare at it for hours. Isn’t it incredible? The way in which this abstract feeling is transmitted in the blue color of the sky, which means to fly, to be in you, to be yourself, not to blame yourself for feeling. These are currently my feelings, but I am being very honest.

It’s time to shine. That fresh green decorates the whole, capturing every surprise from every detail. My desire is to transmit when I am happy and at this moment I feel that the music controls me, it is a feeling of nostalgia, beautiful sadness.

Definitely this indefinite abstraction is my greatest expression. I see my life as a song, the music dominates me, and I love when it happens. I love feeling alive, listening to the waves of a wave, or any vibration in this world. You are a vibration, I am a vibration.

Can you imagine? It is an interpretation of several songs. I really feel that I am interpreting the sounds, the marine forms that I decide to see.

Love moves me, I love to be loved. I love to be hugged, no matter how bad I feel. I’m still beautiful. You know, art is a day-to-day struggle, how can I feel if I can’t speak, if I can’t get it out, if I feel the insecurity that something will fail. I am lost but on my way, I am lost on the way to my rebirth, reborn day by day. Should I feel so passionate, or should I really let the world tell me how to interpret things? I can feel great, and it’s also okay to feel like shit.”

Here is how she described her art in Spanish (Español)

Es hora de brillar

Es hora de empezar a hacerlo, Brilliando, es la pincelada que me hace llorar el alma de felicidad, es la pieza de arte que admiro, y me quedaría viendo por horas, ¿es increíble no? La manera en cómo este sentimiento abstracto está transmitido en el color azul del cielo, que significa volar, estar en ti, ser tu mismo, no culparte por sentir, actualmente, son mis sentimientos, pero estoy siendo muy honesta.

Es hora de brillar, es ese verde fresco, que decora un todo, captar cada sorpresa de cada detalle. Mi deseo es transmitir cuando estoy feliz y en este momento siento que la música me controla, es un sentir de nostalgia, hermosa tristeza.

Definitivamente esta abstracción indefinida, es mi mayor expresión. Veo mi vida como una canción, la música me domina, amo cuando sucede, me encanta sentirme viva, escuchando las ondas de una ola, o cualquier vibración en este mundo, tú eres vibración, yo lo soy, ¿lo imaginas? es una interpretación de varias canciones, siento realmente que estoy interpretando los sonidos, las formas marinas que decido ver.

El amor me mueve, amo ser amada, amo ser abrazada, no importa que tan mal me sienta, siego siendo bella, sabes, el arte es una lucha día a día, como sentirte si no puedes hablar, si no puedes sacarlo, si sientes la inseguridad de que algo fallará, estoy perdida pero en mi camino, estoy perdida en el camino a mi renacer, renacer día a día, debería sentirme tan apasionada, o en verdad debería dejar que el mundo me indique cómo interpretar las cosas, puedo sentirme genial, y está bien sentirse de la mierda.”

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