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Lishui cultural tourism started the digital era of “Lishui Live” cultural tourism with the short video contest involving the whole people, the whole network and the whole world

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Lishui cultural tourism started the digital era of “Lishui Live” cultural tourism with the short video contest involving the whole people, the whole network and the whole world

November 23
05:44 2021

Focusing on the requirements of “five types of tourism” and “five upgraded versions” put forward by Lishui Tourism Development Conference, Lishui insists on shaping the brand image of Lishui cultural tourism, standing from the perspective of young people and making good use of new media. Under the background of digital reform of cultural tourism, Lishui City has built a brand activity that uses Lishui cultural tourism brand to guide cultural tourism products and uses cultural tourism aesthetics to spread regional characteristics.

[The short video “Cloud” Festival of cultural tourism with the participation of the whole people, the whole network and the whole world]

During the two-month contest, international stars, internet celebrity, overseas friends, local tour guides, and popular netizens participated deeply in this activity. The short videos created by Lishui tour guides all exceeded 100,000, with the maximum broadcast volume of 180,000. The total exposure of tour guides from media accounts was 2.7 million. On the topic of “Lishui Easy Tour Gold Tour Guide VS Tik Tok’s internet celebrity National Day Tour Raiders”, Lishui Gold Tour Guide unlocked Lishui’s treasure, and received a total of 1.299 million video plays. On the topic of “Video SHOW for International Friends”, foreign friends from 10 countries including France, South Africa, Canada, Pakistan, Spain, the United States and Zimbabwe posted videos and participated in the topic. A single piece of work can get up to 194,000 broadcasts. On the topic “I am a talent in Lishui SHOW”, local talent from Songyang, Jingning, Jinyun and Liandu posted videos and participated in the contest, and their works received 584,000 exposures.


[“Lishui Live” cultural tourism live season starts]

The “Lishui Live” Tik Tok special event was held at the same time as the contest results conference, officially opening the live season of Lishui cultural tourism. The results release set up the live and live broadcast space of the event, linked the live webcast with the on-site activities, carried out online live marketing and offline awards interaction, and passed four chapters: treasure opening, international charm, fashion pace and future expectation. Through the opening of the famous debater “Lei” (Wu Shujia), “the time and space task from the memory of the night in Chuzhou” was realized. Connecting with the anchor “Chuchu” of Hangzhou Digital Intelligence Live Studio in the time and space of Zhoufucheng, we completed the search for Lishui poetic password of “S.H.O.W”.

Huang Xuejing, Xiang Bin and Yin Xiaohong, the award-winning tour guides of the internet celebrity competition, promoted cultural tourism products such as scenic spots, hotels, homestays, food and so on in 9 counties of Lishui, which received more than 200,000 broadcasts and thousands of online users. Lucky bag in the live broadcast room was contended for, and small windmill products sold well.    


[The national “cloud” tour guide “shows” the beauty of life]

Through this competition, Lishui Cultural Tourism interprets the password of new media, feels the power of new youth, and explores the energy of brand leading the development of cultural tourism.

Lishui’s “show” lies not only in the mountains and rivers, but also in the heart. “Xiu” is a verb. It is a poetic code to interpret the landscape poetry road of Oujiang River. It is the core magnetic pole of the short video contest of “Lishui Free Travel” national tour guide, and it is the practical action of Lishui tour guide talent team construction. The contest refines the core brand value of Lishui’s “Show”: tradition is open, secret and fashionable. From the brand symbol tension to the origin. Secret, traditional History, fashion Open and open World will become the brand structure of Lishui cultural tourism in the future, which will further guide a series of products such as cultural tourism scenic spots, hotels and performing arts, and build the brand universe of Lishui cultural tourism “Show”. Focusing on the core of the brand and taking the competition as the carrier, it will create a case and sample of Lishui cultural tourism brand upgrading.

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