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New app to help to practice job interviews

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New app to help to practice job interviews

November 23
23:22 2021
App helps to practice job interviews

Getting an interview is hard work, especially now, and more so for younger job seekers. But that’s just half the problem because the candidate still has to demonstrate to the employer that they are the best candidate for the job, versus all the others being interviewed.  

In sales, the further along one is in the sales process, the more time and effort should be invested to win. The same is true with job hunting. After getting an interview, more time and effort should be invested to get the result – an offer of employment.

New app to help to practice job interviews

Interview Preparation 

There are hundreds of websites offering advice and guidance on making a CV or writing cover letters. There is also a lot of guidance on interview preparation: what to wear, what to research, questions to ask etc. But when it comes to helping people to answer interview questions, there isn’t much available. This is why the new Interview Practice Room from C-Me is such a welcome innovation. Especially given the rise in employers interviewing everyone online. 

The Interview Practice Room 

The C-Me platform was conceived before the Covid-19 pandemic but launched in January 2021. Its mission is to help people find the job that’s right for them. A big part of that is the Interview Practice Room, where people can practice the most popular questions that are being asked in interviews. The questions are categorised into sections and users can start easy before tackling the tougher ones. There are guides, tutorials and example answers to help people improve.

New app to help to practice job interviews

Video Analysis Technology 

What makes the platform really great, however, is that not only can people record answers to playback, but they also get video analysis feedback on their answers. The video feedback has a lot of technology under the bonnet including voice recognition, transcription services and natural language processing, as well as checking whether recruiters would like or dislike the language being used. Clever stuff.

“In the Interview Practice Room, candidates get interview-ready by practising the most popular questions asked by employers. As a result, they are more likely to get the job that’s right for them.” – Damian Williams, CEO C-Me 

Popular interview questions 

The top 50 interview questions are included. This sounds like a lot but what quickly becomes apparent is that many of the questions asked by interviewers are quite similar. Because C-Me has grouped the questions into ten categories users can tackle one type of question at a time. 

So, whilst ‘What are your strengths?’ is one of the most popular questions asked in interviews, there are also four or five variations on this question (e.g. ‘What is your greatest achievement?’) that can be answered in the same way. In no time at all, candidates can master answering the typical questions that are asked in interviews. This means C-Me users are a lot more prepared than other people who are being interviewed for the job. 

We all know that getting a job isn’t easy. But maybe with C-Me, it isn’t quite as hard anymore.

New app to help to practice job interviews

About C-Me 

C-Me is a video first recruitment platform where, for free, candidates can create a video CV, practice online interview questions, and get video analysis feedback. Employers are also increasingly using C-Me to bring their jobs to life with video, showing why their company is a great place to work. The company’s mission is to help talent and employers break through with video.

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