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Watch These Five Western TV Series With Cast of Indian Actors on Osiflix

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Watch These Five Western TV Series With Cast of Indian Actors on Osiflix

November 24
15:06 2021

Western TV series are taking off in India as the Western entertainment is being more inclusive with their casting by getting more people-of-color (POC) play major and important roles in these programs. For instance, plenty of Indian actors are now seen in various Western TV series, much to the delight of the Indian audience.

Of course, if you see someone of your kind making it through the biggest and most prestigious entertainment centrum, you want to support them by watching the show as it also gives more exposure to the actors who are from the minority descent.

With these sets of exposure, it may prove that these Indians and other POC actors are really talented and should not be shrugged off by casting directors.

Here are five of the many popular Western TV series that casted Indian actors:

  1. The Big Bang Theory

This sitcom that’s full of nerds won’t be complete without an Indian geek, for sure. Raj, who is played by Kunal Nayyar, is a great addition to the friend club that Sheldon and Leonard have built.

The role of Raj in this award-winning TV series is very refreshing as it disrupts the male and geek stereotype which are alphas and considered snobbish. In fact, in The Big Bang Theory, Raj is a very loving and soft-spoken person who’s proud to embrace his feminine side by loving all sorts of vanity and hygiene.

  1. New Girl

When Cece, a role played by Hannah Simone, entered the TV screens for the first time in 2011 for New Girl, everyone was in awe. The showrunners of New Girl gave the role a new depth for the usual POC actors who are casted as the protagonist’s best friend.

Cece is the bombshell of the group where every person wouldn’t believe that such a human being can exist in real life. The role given to Hannah Simone isn’t the usual sidekick, instead, a representation of a multi-dimensional POC who can do anything she wants.

  1. Quantico

The casting of this thriller drama series is superb. With Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood entertainment queen, gracing the Hollywood small screen, nothing can ever go wrong. Chopra’s role is an FBI agent named Alex Parrish who became a prime suspect in a terrorist attack in Grand Central Terminal.

The hype for this series was so huge that the production became even grander for the next seasons as the show invited some guest stars then the whole crew even shot some episodes in different cities and countries.

  1. Community

This American sitcom is set in a community college where students aren’t what they seem to be. The show proves that even though they’re not studying in a real, huge university doesn’t mean that they have no drive and great ambitions.

Danny Pudi, who’s casted as Abed Nadir, is a walking juxtaposition in the show. He’s studying in a community college which is considered as a letdown coming from an Indian kinship. But, Abed is portrayed as a keen observer and actually the wittiest among the clique, which also contradicts the usual type of a community college goer.

  1. The Office

This classic sitcom will go down in history as one of the greatest comedies of 2000s’ television. The Office has formed a huge fanbase where patrons are scattered from different parts of the globe, including India. One of the most entertaining cast members from the ensemble is Kelly, who is portrayed by the Indian-American actress, Mindy Kaling.

Kelly started as a quiet, more reserved officemate in the show’s first few episodes. But when The Office had already found their groove, casts began forming their own, unique personalities. Kelly then became the quirky one in the group. This made Mindy Kaling’s character one of the most entertaining casts to watch on the show.

Truly, there are a lot of diverse Indian actors who are now making their way in the huge world of Hollywood. Unfortunately, most of the Indians could not watch these exemplary role portrayals because of economic reasons.

Good thing, there’s Osiflix.

With Osiflix, you can watch movies and TV shows for free, anytime you want. All you have to do is go to Osiflix’s website and search for these TV shows and you’re all set.

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