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Creative Biolabs: Keep Generating Innovative Solutions for Antibody-drug Conjugate

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Creative Biolabs: Keep Generating Innovative Solutions for Antibody-drug Conjugate

November 24
20:28 2021
Creative Biolabs has won a leading position in the field of antibody-drug conjugate manufacturing, with its advanced technologies, high-standard products, and professional services.

New York, USA – November 24, 2021 – The ADC drug Enhertu, codenamed DS-8201, drew attention again at the recent European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress 2021, with promising results in clinical research in numerous cancer types, including lung cancer, breast cancer, and uterine carcinosarcoma. In an era of booming R&D of biological drugs, ADC is no doubt at the forefront, receiving large research attention and investment. Creative Biolabs, with specialties in biotechnology and chemistry, provides comprehensive ADC development solutions and products to support the research in relevant areas.

The ADC development solution enables the production of ADC candidates in a one-stop manner, mainly through the following procedures:

1. Antibody screening: including antigen selection, antigen-target antibody screening, internalizing antibody selection, and feasibility validation.

2. Payload and linker selection: choose the necessary substances from Creative Biolabs’ in-stock products, or entrust Creative Biolabs to customize what is required.

3. Antibody design and conjugation: modify the antibody sequence with unique conjugation chemistry such as lysine conjugation, cysteine conjugation, and tyrosine conjugation, to achieve a more precisely monitored site-oriented conjugation and a narrower drug-to-antibody ration (DAR) distribution.

4. Overall evaluation:

* In vitro evaluation on biochemical characteristics and efficacy
* In vivo analysis on preclinical pharmacological parameters

The solutions at Creative Biolabs are impeccable, but the scientists are still working on a more efficient problem-solving business model, that is, leveraging the resources and supplying products that are readily available for shipment. To this aim, a bank of ADC products was established, gathering all the necessary substances required during the ADC development process.

“For the hot research targets, our inventory can fully satisfy the needs,” according to a technician specialized in providing quotes for ADC products such as customized ADCs, chemical linkers, and anti-drug antibodies.

Browse the official website of Creative Biolabs to learn more about its capabilities in ADC:


Creative Biolabs is a biotech CRO providing technical solutions for researchers working on tumor immunotherapy and disease research. Established and operated by a group of professors, Creative Biolabs has a much more clear idea about the current trend of new drug discovery and keeps innovating and exploring to inspire the research on the diagnosis and therapy of hard-to-treat diseases such as cancer. Holding expertise and practical experience in biology, chemistry, and other related areas, Creative Biolabs has accomplished dozens of projects on various hotspots of ADC studies.

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