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ELR12 is here to make entrepreneurs faster, smarter, and stronger by turning ideas into reality

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ELR12 is here to make entrepreneurs faster, smarter, and stronger by turning ideas into reality

November 25
00:50 2021
ELR12 is here to make entrepreneurs faster, smarter, and stronger by turning ideas into reality
ELR12 is helping, empowering, and celebrating entrepreneurs

It was the millennials who questioned the exploitation of employees. It is this generation, Generation Z, that prefers to be an entrepreneur. They want to create jobs instead of doing a job. But in the fast-paced technological world, where people are waking up to new technology every day, it is difficult to start up something new and unique that could stay that way for a long time. This has shifted the gear of how businesses function. Today, it is important to run proper risk mitigation. To evaluate the outcomes. ELR12 acts as an enabler to allow you to think more creatively. They make sure to modify the idea in a way that stands out. 

ELR12 focuses on the innovation of technology.  They inspire people to think expansively, lead with purpose, embrace change, and shape the future of business. This global media and tech company also caters to the possible challenges of leadership, the understanding of dynamic ideas of the world, creativity, and design. They guide startups and actively work with the entrepreneurs who struggle to find the right path that puts their business on the map for a long time. ELR12 focuses on startups and entrepreneurship in Africa and the world.

ELR12 understands that starting up a business is easy but what awaits after it is the hard part. They know if one wants to build something that matters, help is required. And that’s why they are here, they provide:  

  1. Articles: ELR12 delivers a world-class learning experience by bringing experts, both past and present, who only got to their position by first being in the same shoes to help excel in every business area. They also provide a unique window to the practices of today’s top entrepreneurs and CEOs. Mini-masterclasses for free!

  2. Videos: ELR12 will dive into the stories of failed and successful startups to learn why some of them failed while others thrived. One can take advantage of their experience to increase the chances of startup success by using some of the great one’s strategies and avoiding making the same mistakes.

  3. Tools: The primary concern of every aspiring entrepreneur is to keep their startup costs as low as possible. Although there are unavoidable costs a business has to pay for, it can minimize some operational costs with the assistance of the best tools. ELR12 will assist in identifying a number of startup tools and resources available that help minimize startup costs.

For a better tomorrow, start analyzing the business strategy today with ELR12. Because a better plan today means a successful future.

About ELR12

ELR12 is a global media and tech company. They work with the greatest founders. They focus on innovation in technology, leadership, world-changing ideas, creativity, and design. 

To learn more visit For updates follow them on [email protected], [email protected] and Youtube at:

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