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Meet Jacqueline Drexler, Miss San Fernando Valley US Nation 2021

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Meet Jacqueline Drexler, Miss San Fernando Valley US Nation 2021

November 26
20:08 2021

Jacqueline is the reigning Miss San Fernando Valley US Nation 2021 titleholder. Jacqueline began modeling 1 year ago. Her inspiration to become a model came from acquaintances and friends encouraging her to try modeling; by asking her “Are you a model ?” Or, you should be a model!

After casting for the Super Chic Los Angeles Fashion Week Show, Jacqueline was offered to compete for Miss California US Nation 2021. Because of her shy personality, she was a bit hesitant to get on stage, but she went ahead and chose to try the experience. Upon entering the Miss US Nation pageant, she received her city title as Miss San Fernando Valley US Nation and had the opportunity to compete for the state crown. Jacqueline would like to pursue modeling to not only reach her goals as an aspiring Fashion Model, but to inspire others to reach theirs.

Jacqueline is a huge advocate for mental health and women who may be experiencing challenges in their lives and those who live in impoverished neighborhoods. She grew up in a bad area and believed she was destined for something greater. As a result, Jacqueline ended up removing herself from “friends” and focusing on her career. Since then, she feels like she’s become a resource for someone who wants to know “how.” As Miss San Fernando Valley US Nation 2021, Jacqueline would like to be a role model and assist those in such circumstances.

Within five years, she sees herself as an RN (which she is currently studying for), working in the emergency department of a trauma center, starting a family, and working with mental health- specifically with youth.

Jacqueline is dedicated to learning and growing and is patient, passionate, and loving. With her involvement with leadership in the medical community, she is also developing the knowledge and expertise that will help her lead and educate others in the best way possible.

The primary reason she enjoys runway modeling is that she loves dressing up, loves beautiful and unique clothing, and loves trying new clothes on!

Jacqueline has seen that modeling has the stereotype to as a “sexual image”. She would like to break that stereotype with a respectful image with strength and confidence. Being in the medical field with a little sister and seeing that young girl admire her crown and sash, she wouldn’t want to deviate from her principles.

A stereotype about pageantry that she would like to break is the idea that they are only focused on themselves and trying to gain a spotlight from the public. However, she hopes to break this barrier by growing with the community. She wants to be a resource for anyone who may wonder, “how can she be more like this?” or “how did this happen?” She has so many stories to share and relate to.

Something unique about Jacqueline is that she is in love with the medical field and balances both her love for Fashion and Medicine. She has been working in a hospital setting since 2015, also working through the pandemic. She loves helping patients as much as she can and getting involved with those who need help. Her biggest adrenaline rush she loves having is when there’s an emergency and working with critical care!

Support Jacqueline’s journey and follow her on Instagram @misssanfernandovalleyusnation. Jacqueline is currently seeking sponsorships for her reign. Your business, product or service can be exposed to thousands of Fashion, Beauty industry professionals and general viewers worldwide at our special Fashion Weeks events, publications, social media and more.

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