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Tactic Air Drone Reviews – Detailed Deport On Portable Weightless Drone

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Tactic Air Drone Reviews – Detailed Deport On Portable Weightless Drone

November 26
17:12 2021

Hey readers, this Tactic Air Drone review is for those who want to get to know more about the device in detail. If anyone is thinking of purchasing a Tactic Air Drone, reading this article can be of great help.

The Tactic Air Drone has gained quite an impression among all types of vloggers, travelers, or tik tokers, etc., and the major reason behind it is seemingly people’s requirement for affordable prices and convenient working mechanisms. 

Tactic Air Drone Reviews – Dual Wide-Angle Cameras With HD Clarity?

However, is it really worth a try as there are zillions of similar devices available? This could be the question aroused in most of our readers right after hearing about this recently released lightweight drone. If so, let’s dig into the Tactic Air Drone reviews for its features, pros, cons, customer reviews, pricing, as well as how it is different from others. 

Tactic Air Drone Reviews

Product Name Tactic Air Drone
Manufacturing Company  Hyper SIs Ltd
Main Benefit Helps to take HD pictures
Unique Features Foldable, Portable, Weightless, Can be connected to the mobile by Wi-Fi
Range of drone Once the device is taken off it can fly in the air for up to 20 minutes on a 150m distance above the ground.
Battery Capacity 3.7V 300mAh
Price $99.00
Money-back Guarantee Offered 30-days
Official Website Click Here

What is Tactic Air Drone?

Tactic Air Drone is a foldable UAV high-performance quadcopter that can be easily and remotely controlled for a variety of purposes including bird’s eye view photography. It features a sleek design and a powerful engine for agility in the air.

Besides, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced drone pilots together. The user can pilot this device with the help of the controller or with his mobile phone by making use of the Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition to this, the user can let this drone lead its own way, with the help of the height setting advanced density pressure sensor so that it will keep the device in the air. 

Tactic Air Drone Manufacturer

The Tactic Air Drone is manufactured by Hyper SIs Ltd, an international company. They create a variety of smart devices as per the requirements of the modern technical world. The Tactic Air Drone is one of the leading products introduced by Hyper SIs Ltd. 

Click Here To Order The Tactic Air Drone From The Official Website

Features of Tactic Air Drone

As it is mentioned in this Tactic Air Drone review, the main attraction of the device is its sleek design and engine that make it user-friendly. Here are the other important features of Tactic Air Drone.

  • Dual Wide-Angle Cameras: The dual cameras can record in 720p, 1080p, or 4K and let the user shoot 4K videos with wide-angle lenses that capture more in each shot. Since the user can use split-screen or the picture in picture mode, it is possible to monitor the flight path for easy navigation in tight spaces. 
  • Intelligent Drone gesture control: the user can consider the device as his personal photographer, as the user can capture pictures or record videos on command. This is possible as the device can recognize the user’s movements so that the user can use gestures to snap photos or make a video start rolling. 
  • 4K UHD Resolution: Tactic Air Drone is said to be an ultra high definition drone that gives the same performance even while it is flying high in the sky. It can detail photos and videos rich with color with 9 million pixels.
  • Advanced Follow Me Mode: this will help the device to recognize the user and lets itself pilot to keep the user in view when he is ready to make a gesture waiting for the perfect photo opportunity to arrive. 
  • Anti-collision system: the Tactic Air Drone is equipped with great visibility and image following abilities. This lets the device readjust the flight path to avoid collision with anything like people, objects, or other drones as well.  
  • Long-Lasting Battery: since the device has a 3.7V 300mAh Lithium-ion battery, it can keep flying for 20 minutes. When the device runs out, the user can swap out the battery and get it back in the air. 
  • Strong reliable structure: it is made up of rigid materials and has given a specific structure for durability to prevent damages like cracks and fractures that could be arisen due to collisions. 
  • Foldable and portable: it is lightweight and can be folded into a small profile for easy carrying and storage. 

These are the main Tactic Air Drone specs.

Tactic Air Drone Benefits

How does Tactic Air Drone work?

According to what is given on the official website, the Tactic Air Drone works after it is connected to an android app for controlling it. Or else, it can be controlled with its comfortable remote controller. Then it can be used for live video streaming of flight paths, taking birds-eye vision pictures, etc.  

The remorse control contains a single button for both take-off and landing. Besides, it has two other buttons for videos and audio too. Additionally, it is included with two joysticks and antennas to navigate the drone in any direction the user prefers.  

Once the device is taken off it can fly in the air for up to 20 minutes on a 150m distance above the ground. 

Tactic Air Drone Included

Tactic Air Drone Pros and Cons


  • Durable
  • Foldable
  • weightless
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Can be connected to a smartphone


  • It is exclusively available on the official page
  • It doesn’t have an internal storage

Is Tactic Air Drone legit or not?

After reviewing the genuine responses from real-life Tactic Air Drone customers, and self-research conducted on every aspect regarding the device, it is seemingly a legit option for all kinds of users. Up to the present, thousands of people are satisfied after choosing this device too. 

It is manufactured by Hyper SIs Ltd, which has been providing similar gadgets to a variety of their customers. Apart from that, the company is even ready to give a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee for defects or damages as well. 

Click Here To Order The Tactic Air Drone From The Official Website (30 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Tactic Air Drone Customer reviews and Complaints

There have been both positive and negative Tactic Air Drone customer reviews. However, the genuine Tactic Air Drone reviews can be found only on eligible sources. So, after analyzing the truthful customer responses, it is clear that almost all of the customers are satisfied after using the device. Most of those Tactic Air Drone reviews suggested that it can be ideal for beginners and experts as well. 

On the other hand, the negative reviews have come from a few unlucky customers who either had to wait for longer to get the device delivered, or were given the device with defects. Those customers were either given a replacement or a full refund of their money. And currently available on the official website with a discount of 50% for all.

Tactic Air Drone Customer reviews

Tactic Air Drone Pricing & Where to get it?

As it is given on the official website, the Tactic Air Drone price is given in different packages. The user can choose among any of them as per their preference. 

  • Buy 1 Tactic Air Drone at $99 + US free shipping 
  • Buy 2 at $159 ($80/each) + US free shipping 
  • Buy 4 at $249 ($62/each) + US free shipping 


  • Buy 2 get 1 free at $197 ($66/each) + US free shipping 
  • Buy 3 get 2 free at $297 ($59/each) + US free shipping 

Along with these plans, the user can also choose an additional 3 years warranty for the device at a cost of $24.  

If anyone is planning to purchase a Tactic Air Drone, he/she can visit its official landing page. It’s where the device is exclusively available, but still, there can be some other sources in which its fake versions are available. Those fake sellers might be aiming to trick the customers with similar names and claims. So, it is important to ensure that the purchase is made through a genuine landing page. 

Final Verdict Tactic Air Drone Reviews 

On the whole, Tactic Air Drone seems like the right option for those who want to give more definition to their photos and videos, especially vloggers. Unlike many other drones available in the markets, it is likely to have a lightweight structure but an impressive camera quality.

One of the major reasons for this device to receive significant attention can be its lowest price, as most people are always concerned about affordable prices. Secondly, its battery life capacity and simple working mechanism come next to the price. While compared to other drones, it is included with multiple features like wide-angle dual cameras, high-quality lenses, advanced follow me mode, etc. 

As mentioned in Tactic Air Drone reviews, the device is currently available on the official website with a discount of 50% for all. Besides, it is available in several packages and has a 3-year warranty option. The device is also included with a 30-day refund policy, to make it a risk-free and hassle-free choice for the users. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it suitable for Wi-Fi connectivity?

Yes. Tactic Air Drone can be navigated by a smartphone through mobile phone Wi-Fi connectivity. 

  • How long can it stay in the air continuously for taking videos?

The Tactic Air Drone can stay in the air for up to 20 minutes continuously for taking videos. 

  • How long will it take to charge the device battery?

Normally it will take less than 30 minutes to fully charge the device. 

  • What if it collides with other objects or drones?

Since the device provides great visibility and image following it can readjust the path to avoid all types of collisions. Besides the LED lighting on the end outfits, each arm can give good visibility from a distance for others in this area. Altogether, this is how its anti-collision system works. 

  • Does it have any warranty?

The users can purchase an additional 3-year warranty for the device at $24. 

Click Here To Order The Tactic Air Drone From The Official Website (30 Days Money Back Guarantee)

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