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Direct payment via SMS – a big comparison of the market’s top options

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Direct payment via SMS – a big comparison of the market’s top options

November 26
21:13 2021

When individuals require cash to cover a need that is urgent It is crucial to make the option of a direct payment you can trust. SMS loans permit the flexibility of loans at any time and also faster payments however the results can differ greatly among different lenders. This is why Compare Loans has now presented a review of the top fast loans in Sweden.

Compare Loans has therefore compiled the following list of most effective SMS loans that allow direct payments currently. The variables considered during the research include rate of interest, the payout rate and the quality of customer support. Read the full article on Cision and the news room.

Best SMS loans, with direct payment available right now:

Everyday +


The loan step



The market today offers a variety of choices for SMS loans that allow direct payment however there aren’t all the same options. The below options have been specially chosen as they’re one step ahead of their competitors and provide distinct benefits to their clients. Compare Loans has strived to give you the best possible service for your every requirement.

Everyday + Best SMS loan that allows direct payment in 15 minutes

If you are looking to get the best SMS loan, two main factors to consider are the time to pay and the rate of interest. Everyday Plus is a loan provider that can deliver on both counts. This is due to the possibility of making payments within a quarter on loans that have reasonable rates of interest.

There are no hidden charges With Everyday + This might explain the immense popularity of this choice. The information provided here is completely transparent which makes it a lot simpler for the person who is borrowing. The maximum amount you can borrow is SEK 25,000. You are not required to provide security or credit details.

Through the mobile app it is possible to review your loan using Everyday + and then pay off your loan seamless and speedy manner. For lenders who are modern using apps, an effective one is essential as there are a few concerns about the mobile application.

The rate of interest will vary based on one’s credit score, however it is lower than regular SMS loans. The usual high rates of interest for SMS loans are not applicable in this instance.

Lumify – Just prior to the remainder of the SMS loan

If you’re looking for flexibility in your loan, be looking no further than this. Lumify is a firm which stands out from its competitors because it offers the option of paying directly 24/7 all day, every day of the week. This means you can count on Lumify regardless of circumstance.

Lumify makes up Luma Finans AB. This is a loan institution that is relatively new in the marketplace, but it has managed to shake up the financial market with its unique and flexible offerings. You can get SEK 20000. This is with no credit history.

Another benefit of Lumify In addition to 24-hour service is that they do not charge an initial setup fee for customers who are new. This means you can easily and affordably start by obtaining an SMS loan and then get the money in a direct manner whenever it is convenient for your needs. The depreciation of the setup cost means lower interest rates for loans overall however, especially for smaller amount of loans.

Because of the ability to make direct payments at any time, Lumify has managed to become a well-known alternative on the market, even though the loan is still relatively new to the market. If you are looking to get an SMS loan, and want it under the terms of their choice, it could be an option that is suitable.

The money is deposited into the account within half an hour, as long as you are using SEB as your banking institution. Since you can apply for an advance loan at any time during the week, the instant cash transfer is even more remarkable.

Loanstep – Chance to get fast loans with no charges

Loanstep is a different option, as the lender provides loans free of interest, provided you repay the loan in two weeks. This option is ideal to take advantage of in the days before you receive an income source, since you will be able to pay back the loan once you receive your salary into the account.

So you can utilize Loanstep as a savior in the event of an unanticipated bill comes up or you have to bring your car to the mechanic. Loanstep was only launched just a few years ago but in the nick of time established its place as the leading company in the field of SMS loans.

With Loanstep there is no doubt that you will can avail SMS loans that are direct payments This means you can get going using the service should you require it. There aren’t any hidden costs and there aren’t any frauds. The terms you agree to when you apply for the loan are the only ones that apply to the loan – nothing else.

Ferratum – Secure and fast credit upon request

It is a loan provider that provides quick and secure loans upon demand. Ferratum’s goal is to to give its customers the chance to enjoy the benefits of their lives when it comes to via direct payments and favorable terms. This means you don’t have to wait for your paycheck to begin your journey or solve your issues.

It is easy to apply through Ferratum’s website. The lender will then handle the loan application and pay directly when you have a bank account at Nordea, Swedbank, SEB or Handelsbanken. In the case of different banks, you will have to make the normal process of paying.

This is an alternative that can be flexible, and provides an extra benefit. Ferratum can be a great alternative for those who is a customer of one of these banks and is looking to get going fast with an instant loan.

Monetti Flexible and secure loans through mobile

If you want to borrow money with a flexible approach directly from your mobile devices, Monetti is a great lender. Monetti could be thought of as credit cards because you have the app to hand on your mobile and even while traveling and you can cash out upon request, when it is convenient for your needs.

Credit limits up to SEK 20,000, with flexible withdrawals and flexible repayment is available to this. You don’t need an UC for this loan and will receive a reply to your loan request within one half an hour.

The repayment will be up to you, making it easy to determine the monthly budget and put the finances under control. It’s important to note that the cost for setting up will be SEK 350.

A guide to SMS loans with direct payments Questions and answers

Here, Compare Loans has compiled frequently asked questions and their answers to questions regarding SMS loans that have direct payment. So, you can avoid searching on the internet to find answers to any of these questions.

How fast can you receive the money out?

In the above list you will be able to get the money credited within a quarter if you have an account at the appropriate bank. For instance, you’ll need be a member of SEB for you to make fast payments through Lumify.

Do you know of SMS loans that can be paid directly without UC?

In the case of the options above that you can choose to not use UC because it’s the smallest amount of loan that is applicable when you apply for the SMS loan. It is crucial that you are able to pay back the loan promptly in order to avoid receiving a payment notice and the possibility the matter being transferred to an enforcement officer.

How do you make an application for an SMS loan and pay it back the same day

The process of getting started using the process of obtaining an SMS loan is easy. All you have to do is

Select one of the five lenders mentioned above.

Send your loan application through mobile BankID

Make sure you deposit the funds into the account as soon as possible provided that your account is at the correct bank

Benefits and disadvantages of quick SMS loans

Like other types of loans there are benefits and drawbacks to SMS loans. Examples of both are provided below.


Money upon demand

Flexible loan repayment

Credit access via mobile

Cash without security or credit information


More expensive interest rates compared to loans secured by credit information

The loan’s lower maximum amount

Do you know of SMS loans that allow direct payment on weekends?

Lumify is a loan provider that stands out by providing loans round all hours during the working week. This means that you will have the possibility of SMS loans through the company even on Sunday nights. This way you can get money at any time that suits your needs and do not need to adjust your needs to the hours of operation of the lender.

Do I receive a response within a few hours of submitting the form?

The choices on the list will answer your loan application directly, as long as you submit your application within their operating hours. As of now Lumify is the only option that Lumify provides 24 hour processing of loan applications. If you require money during non-working times, Lumify is thus a ideal alternative for SMS loans that allow direct payment.

Are you able to take out a quick SMS loan, despite the payment note?

There is the option of quick SMS loan even when you’ve got an inscription for payment on your back. And because you do not have UC and the payment remark doesn’t need to impact your interest rate. It is vital to be able to pay off the loan otherwise , you’ll be liable for additional payment remarks and issues in the hands of an Enforcement Officer.


The various options have different advantages and drawbacks, and therefore can be used by different types of clients. The one that stands out the most and which Compare Loans would recommend the with the most conviction is called Everyday +. With Everyday +, you have the option of paying 24/7 throughout the week. If you are a borrower who needs flexibility, Everyday + can be the most suitable option.

They are an type of loan which is usually linked to spontaneous and risk-taking decisions, however it’s not always the situation. It’s true that you can have the option of making a direct payment in the majority of SMS loans, however the motivations behind selecting the SMS loan may differ. If an invoice arrives unexpectedly in the mail This type of loan could be the difference between stress and a relaxed wait until the day of payday.

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