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Bryan Murphy Announced the Launch of His First Book, “Everybody on Stage for the Hawaiian Number”

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Bryan Murphy Announced the Launch of His First Book, “Everybody on Stage for the Hawaiian Number”

November 30
11:46 2021
Bryan Murphy Announced the Launch of His First Book, "Everybody on Stage for the Hawaiian Number"
Well-known entertainer, a proud Brooklyn boy and published author Bryan Murphy has announced the release of his brand new book “Everybody on Stage for the Hawaiian Number”.

Bryan Murphy, a proud Brooklyn boy, is a well-known entertainer who is also a published author, has announced the release of his brand new book, “Everybody on Stage for the Hawaiian Number”. In the book, Bryan discusses his life experiences, his family, the world around him, and how he has witnessed the world change throughout his life.

Over the years, many things have been written about him. The scandals, love affairs, the lies, the backstage feuds. Stories from social media, TMZ, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, The Sun, Page 6, National Enquirer, et. Al.

Here, star of stage, screen and roadside café, Bryan Murphy, the boy from Brooklyn, finally sets the record straight. In his own words.

One of the readers of the book said, “He had become a genuine fan of the author and was touched by the fact that the author had put his heart and soul”. Another reader said, “Although I loved the entire book, my favorite part was that he made me intrigued about his life and I felt for him, was emotional at parts and happy when he was happy. He is truly a marvelous author.” And this, “I enjoyed your book very much. I laughed and cried. Sad in parts with the racial abuse. It was a great journey into the world of stage and drama. WELL DONE.”

The book is divided into sections in which the author describes his experiences growing up gay and observing the LGBT community develop before and after the Stonewall Riots in New York and his thoughts on the subject since he was there. He has also spoken about how he learned to deal with the rejection of being an actor and how he avoided going over the deep end while receiving unending support from his family. Other sections of the book include a discussion of racism in many aspects of life, how to deal with it, how he did not let it affect his self-esteem, and how  watching Bugs Bunny cartoons helped in developing his confidence. Many believe that the book itself serves as an encouragement for people to begin living and maintain a positive outlook on life. One can buy the book from Amazon.


BRYAN is a widower who was born and raised in New York. He is a performer who has recently transitioned into a writer. Over the years, people have suggested that he publish a book on his life. He has been able to take time off from his rigorous schedule as a result of the pandemic. Bryan has traveled all around the globe. He is presently a resident of the United Kingdom.

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