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Aplex V.A.: The Rebound of the Epidemic Pushes Ahead the Upgrading of Asset Structure with the Trend of Foreign Exchange Investment

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Aplex V.A.: The Rebound of the Epidemic Pushes Ahead the Upgrading of Asset Structure with the Trend of Foreign Exchange Investment

August 01
11:28 2020

After restarting the economies of various countries, they are confronted with the crisis of epidemic rebound, and the newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 epidemic have soared, which makes the global economy increasingly lack of predictability. The reduction of predictability will aggravate the possibility and uncertainty of short and medium-term fluctuations in the economic market. The fluctuation of stock market affects the mood of investors. Every market fluctuation will inevitably aggravate the impact on investment behavior. In the case of zero or even negative interest rates in the world, a huge amount of cash flow will be transferred to asset investment.Investors gradually turned to foreign exchange with strong risk hedging benefits. While enriching the portfolio and dispersing the risks, foreign exchange is regarded as a new channel for the steady increase of wealth. 

Compared with the turmoil in the stock market, the foreign exchange market is volatile but generally stable. Foreign exchange trading has become the best choice for investors to increase their wealth by its inherent advantages,huge volume, comprehensive legal control and regulation, two-sided trading and controllable risks. With the continuous optimization and improvement of national policies, gradually opening up the foreign exchange market has become an important direction of foreign exchange reform. So It is very important to multiply our assets’ growth through the professional platform to obtain a life of abundance.

As a global finance advisory established in New Zealand, Aplex V.A. Limited (AVA) has gathered a group of financial elites hailing from global institutions in financial centres around the world. With the team’s rich experience in asset planning and its own innovative technology to empower wealth management, Aplex V.A. has developed into four main professional services:Financial Management, Capital Advisory, Management Consulting and Risk Advisory. With professional strength and attitude, it takes the creation of mutually beneficial ecosystem as the core concept of the company’s development, and uses wealth analysis, asset management planning, risk control and other means to intelligently match different asset allocation schemes to help investors build a global wealth management concept. Aplex V.A. has provided thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals multiple-channel access to the world’s leading financial centres, so that they can achieve steady wealth growth.

In order to seize new opportunities from foreign exchange investment and over-return global investors, Aplex V.A. (AVA) and an international leading technology-driven foreign exchange trading platform TLC have officially signed a mergers and acquisitions agreement. Global Wealth Fund (GWF) and PAMM3 forex custodian fund, managed through the cooperation of  AVA and TLC, which can avoid and resolve investment risks to a certain extent and help investors create income stably. With their excellent investment operations, GWF created good returns for investors in complex markets. In its June transactions, it successfully achieved a return rate of 13.99%,compared with the return rate of 12.54% in May. In addition, APFF launched by AVA‘s broker Limestone FX and TLC,relies on EA smart trading system + AI algo engine to make a safer and more stable trading system. In June, the total accumulated return of APFF reached 18.14%. According to the recent market data analysis, these three forex funds have brought global investors more investment return than they expected.

Various developments that will happen in quick succession are likely to contribute to volatility in major financial markets. This is the time when there are plentiful investment opportunities for investors to invest and grow their wealth. As a technology-driven global financial consultancy, Aplex V.A.’s mission is to provide financial services to institutions and corporate clients who seek to build wealth and financial security.In the future,Aplex V.A. will be committed to creating opportunities for global investors to obtain great profits.

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