To the Mars #001 Was Sold at 1,672,600 MSPC (about $100,356) in NSpace

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To the Mars #001 Was Sold at 1,672,600 MSPC (about $100,356) in NSpace

November 16
12:28 2021

In the 10-day auction that has just ended in NSpace, “To the Mars #001” was settled with 1,672,600 MSPC (about $100,356) and also set a record of the highest auction in the NFT aggregation trading platform NSpace.

Nspace is a decentralized NFT comprehensive trading platform deployed on the BSC chain, able to create NFTs for unique digital items such as artworks, music, videos, or game items. It supports users to create NFTs with one-click and 0 gas fee, and easily buy, sell, auction and share NFTs. It gives creators great policy support, and respects the copyright of creators. Creators can get royalties for every subsequent transaction of NFT. It implements a unique artist invitation system, selecting high-quality creators to invite to create high-quality NFTs, preventing users from buying inferior NFTs from the root, and effectively protecting users’ own interests. Nspace has launched Fixed Price and auction, and blind box and more gameplays will be available in the future.

You can also visit the official website: to unlock more experience. Additionally, NSpace will also carry out NFT airdrops from time to time to co-builders and supporters of the community. NSpace now sincerely invites outstanding artists from all walks of life to settle in, and promises to provide the greatest support to artists who settled early. Artists participating in the creation have the opportunity to become a special contract artist of NSpace and have their own column and exclusive auction in NSpace. 

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